One of the UKs leading purpose built Veterinary Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Centres

At Theravet we pride ourselves in providing the very highest professional service in terms of knowledge and dedication, but we also take immense satisfaction in our work and in the care and relationship we form with your pet and in the support we offer you.

We remain up to date in all our approaches and create good relationships with our referring vets so that the very best multi-disciplinary approach can be provided.

Theravet, Chipperfield is situated just 5 minutes from Junction 20 of the M25 and is
within easy reach of the M1 and A41.
The practice is located in a quiet rural area opposite Chipperfield Common and Woodland. 
We have ample off road parking outside the practice.

Veterinary Physiotherapy

Canine and Equine Physiotherapy is used in veterinary medicine to help improve or resolve chronic or acute problems. It can be applied to degenerative conditions, injuries and post operatively and can be performed manually or by the use of machines.

Veterinary Hydrotherapy

Small animal Hydrotherapy exercises has long been documented in the rehabilitation of human patients and for the last 10 years has made serious progression in veterinary physiotherapy.

Hydro Treadmill

Our state of the art Hydrotherapy Treadmill is ideal for a range of applications including pre and post orthopaedic surgery, spinal rehabilitation, muscle building and fitness work. The treadmill has variable warm water height, variable speed and incline options.


Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine (single-use, disposable) needles into recognised sites or sensitive acupuncture points on the body which are associated with the area of the body or the condition being treated. These points are selected after a very thorough examination of the patient, particularly of the musculoskeletal system.

Home Visits

Theravet has always offered a home visit option for small animals as well as our equine clients. Call the practice to arrange for our senior mobile Vet Physio Emma Craigie Halkett to visit. We can offer Mc Timoney, laser, ultrasound, biomag, massage, active physiotherapy and exercise prescription all in the comfort of your own home or yard.

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