Veterinary Physiotherapy​

Equine and Small Animal Physiotherapy can be used in Veterinary Treatment to help improve or resolve both Acute and Chronic conditions. These include degenerative conditions linked to old age or disease both of the neurological and musculoskeletal system and it can include pre and post-operative treatment. Physiotherapy is applied using the hands, gentle machines or using special techniques during hydrotherapy.
At Theravet all our physiotherapists have undergone at least 4 year degree level training in Veterinary Physiotherapy, or longer. Some hold Advanced and Post Graduate Qualifications and excel in their fields. All our physiotherapists are members of regulatory bodies such as IRVAP, RAMP, ACPAT or the AHPR and are insured to practice.
Our Physiotherapy team will always treat under the consent of your veterinary surgeon. This does not mean you need to do anything complicated, once you have made your appointment with us we do the rest. We will contact your vets or specialist referral centre for your animals medical history and any imaging which may be relevant. We then combine these with our own assessment, clinical reasoning and specific physical tests to ascertain what is required for each individual patient. Treatment is delivered in a calm, gentle manner and all patients are monitored throughout treatment so we can liaise at regular intervals with your vet and provide progress reports. All our patients have access to our online interactive Physiotherapy portal so we can update you with specific home exercises for your pet.

Our Physiotherapy Treatments can include

Manual Therapy and Massage
Passive Range and Gentle Stretching Techniques
Trigger Point and Fascial Release
Core work
Electrotherapy including Laser at Class 3, 3b and 4, Shortwave or Longwave Ultrasound, PEMFT, TENS.

At Theravet we have access to a number of types of laser. We carry infra red, Class 3 and 3b and also have a Class 4 K Laser clinic. These clinics are ideal for the treatment of pain and tissue healing including joints, spinal pain and soft tissue injury. They are free of sensation and most patients really enjoy treatment. The laser works at a cellular level, stimulating the release of cell properties which aid healing and targeting inflammatory cells to destroy them.
Our Visible Red and Blue lasers are used for the healing of wounds and to help fight infection. They too work at a cellular level to stimulate the release of substances which aid healing, decrease inflammation and bacteria and to increase the proliferation of new skin cells and dilation of capillaries to bring oxygen and nutrients to wound margins.
Before After
Active Physiotherapy in our Phsyio Suite which includes a dry treadmill with variable incline and decline, Wobble/instability apparatus, Balance Boards, Rockers, Peanut Balls and Cones and Poles.