McTimoney Treatment

McTimoney treatment is a form of manipulation adapted for animals from the gentle, non-invasive McTimoney Chiropractic technique used in human physiotherapy.

The technique is the only form of manipulation officially recognised by the RVC (Royal Veterinary College) and most pet insurance companies.  All qualified practitioners have attended a 2 year post graduate course to achieve their certificate to practice.

The technique is used to alleviate discomfort associated with spinal or joint problems and the associated mis-use of the supporting muscles and soft tissues.  It is also often employed after falls, twists, strains or working injuries or post operatively where an animal has lain awkwardly under anaesthetic. 

Please note that McTimoney treatment is not an appropriate treatment for undiagnosed spinal injury and should not be used where spinal instability is present or there is a suspected disc problem.  All cases will require a veterinary referral.